Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 25: Happy New Year 2014!

Davis High Basketball game!

Hey guys!

Wow, 2014!! Where in the world did the time go!?

Great things continue to happen out here!! This week has been an amazing one, to say the least. 

James was baptized by his grandfather this past Wednesday, January 1st, 2014. It has been long and enlightening experience with James, over the past 6 months (I have been lucky enough to stay in my first area for all of this time, and teach James). He was confirmed yesterday in church, by his grandfather. I cannot express through this email, how happy I am for him and his progression in the Gospel. He is a great young man and I am so blessed to be able to see his conversion process right before my very eyes. The Gospel is true and I know it. The Gospel blesses us and our families and is the key to happiness.

Baptism of James
I've had 4 companions since being in the field.
3 of them, were able to join us for the baptism :)
(left to right) Elder Allen, Elder Souday, Elder Martin

Roxanne, the French intern, who recently was scheduled to be baptized Jan 2nd, has now committed to be baptized January 18th.  She has told us that her New Years resolution is to be baptized! I asked her why she decided to make this big decision and she responded by saying that she's knows it is the right thing to do. I could tell in her voice and eyes that she was being sincere and truly does want to follow Christ by being baptized. I am so excited for he!. My companion, Elder Souday continues to teach parts of the lessons in French, which is so awesome to hear and see.  Please pray for Roxanne, that she will have the courage to stay on date for the 18th!

We were able to take 10 year-old Autumn, to Temple Square on Saturday. We watched the "Prophet of the Restoration" movie, at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, then headed over to the visitor center to get a private tour from a couple of sister missionaries! It was a good experience, but there is still much to be taught and much more to be understood before Autumn is ready for baptism.  Nonetheless, things are going well with her. She is such a sweet girl.  Her prayers are so heartfelt and thoughtful. Please keep her in your prayers :)

We were invited to sing at our Stake president (Pres. McKay) son's baptism on Saturday. Their son played the guitar and it went really well! The baptism also went very well! The Spirit was strong, and it was so awesome to see the family support and love shown to his son, Will. I love the people I have met here, and it will be hard to leave this great area.

New Years Eve was awesome! The entire mission got permission to watch animated Disney and other approved movies from 5-9pm! One of the companionships in our district has a member who offered for us to use their home and they have a 21 recliner chair in home theater! So we watched Megamind and Mulan. Mulan is a classic, I forgot how good it was!

Last week, there was a 10 year old boy in one of our stakes, who was killed in a snowmobiling accident. His funeral was on Friday, and there was so many people that attended. The whole chapel and the entire cultural hall (gym) was full. It was amazing to see these people come together to love and support his family. It was a great service, and even though I didn't know the boy (I think I met him once or twice in Primary), his life has made a huge impact on me. He has made me realize that there is no time to waste. The time to act is now. The Lord expects us to work our hardest, in every situation. And he is there to help and guide us.

Last P-day (Monday), we went to this guys house who has an in-home recording studio. It was so sick. He has like 6 guitars mounted on the wall, and when we walked in, he's like, "Pick anyone you want." So I picked up the Gibson Les Paul and had some fun with it :) Good P-day :)

This morning, we had the privilege of attending the Salt Lake Temple. It is always an amazing experience, going through the temple. The Spirit is strong and gives such peace. The Gilbert Temple is having an open house in just a few weeks! I invite everyone to go see it, and what this church is all about. I invite you to invite everyone you know, to the Temple open house and to experience the great joy and happiness that we know because of this Gospel.

Well, transfers are this next week, on the 14th. I have been in this area for my entire mission so far--6 months. It is very likely that I will be transferred. and my address will most change, so hold up on the letters for this week! :) I will let you know asap as soon as I find out my new mailing address. It is going to be hard to leave. I have become close with multiple families here, and they have been so great. I know I have made some lifetime friends here and what a blessing to know that I only live 12 hours south of here :)

Love you all, thank you so much for your letters and emails! I means so much. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay busy, and stay safe! 

Much Love,
~Elder Carroll
My favorite scripture this week: Hebrews 11:6 - "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that becometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him."

My favorite quote this week: "If we do what's right we have no need to fear,
For the Lord, our helper, will ever be near." - Hymn #243 Let Us All Press On

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