Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 27 It's been 6 months!

Missionary Tradition:  At 6 month mark, burn a tie!

Great things continue to happen!!! I love my mission :)

Roxanne (the French intern) was baptized this last Saturday, January 18th and confirmed on the 19th!! :) It has been quite an amazing experience working with her. As I have mentioned before, I know 100% without a doubt and  truly believe that my companion Elder Souday, was put in this area for Roxanne. Him being able to teach some of the lessons in French was amazing to witness. To be able to see her so much better comprehend the doctrine when taught in French!! It was a blessing to be a part of :)

More great news! We have come in contact with an 11 year old boy named Boston, who told us during the first lesson that he wants to be baptized! We have set a date for February 15th! We are excited for him. But... We are more excited for his father, a non-member. He sat in on the lesson, and gave his full support to Boston being baptized. His mom also was there, and is a less-active but coming back to church! :) I am anxious to see what happens with his father, because he made some interesting positive comments during the lesson. Will keep you updated! Meeting with them again today!

Again, more awesome news! :) We met with a 50ish year old lady, Pam, who considers herself Southern Baptist. She has an inactive husband, but he is fully supportive and very excited about her meeting with us! Although Southern Baptism, 95% percent of her religious views line up exactly with the LDS faith. It's amazing! After a great and spiritual lesson, we have invited her to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. She responded by saying that she was afraid to read it because if she did, she didn't want to be held accountable if she came to know it was true!! She's already believes its true!! She is a great lady and so humble and loving. I don't think it'll be long before great things start to happen. Also, her and her husband invited us to go to Salt Lake City with them to see the "Dead Sea Scrolls" exhibit at the museum! We are going sometime this week, should be awesome :)

Elder Souday and I had yet another amazing experience this week. So we dinner with families, literally every night. That's why I've gained 25lbs.. hahaha but anyways, the other night we had a dinner appointment like normal, and they ended up canceling like 5 minutes before we were supposed to be there. I wasn't too hungry, so I asked Elder Souday what he wanted to eat. He said McDonald's, so we headed over. We walked in, Elder Souday went to order some food, and I went to sit at a table. As I was walking over, I heard the oh so familiar sound of someone whispering.. "Missionaries..missionaries!". So I looked over and said hello. It was a few teenagers sitting at a table. People here always get so giddy when they see missionaries, its quite humorous hahaha. Had a good conversation with them and one of them ended up telling us that she was LDS, but didn't feel like she was. She went to church, but she really didn't understand the church. We got their info and have an appointment with them tomorrow! :) The Lord truly does put people in our paths. He works in mysterious ways.. and it's amazing to be included them. Truly a blessing.

I love it here. The joy that sharing the Gospel bring is undeniable. I would invite you to read D&C 62:3 and also to bear your testimony this week, to someone who has never heard it from you before :) I can promise you that when you do so, you will be blessed, it will be recorded in heaven, and the angels will rejoice. And your sins will be forgiven :)

Love you all, hope all is well at home! You are in my prayers, stay busy and stay safe!! :)

Much Love,
~Elder Carroll

My favorite quote this week:  "I marvel that He would descend from his throne divine,
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine." - Hymn "I Stand All Amazed"

My favorite scripture this week:  Matthew 20:16 - "
So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen."

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