Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 22 Another great week! Video included!

Hey everyone!

It has been an eventful week!! This past Wednesday, the whole mission got together for a Christmas party! We had a great devotional and were able to hear from Elder Summerhayes of the Seventy! Great speaker and meeting! They fed us lunch, then we had a "Variety Show." Lots of missionaries sang Christmas carols and it was a great show. Even Mission President Hansen and his wife sang a few songs!!! haha It was so funny. I was able to play and sing Silent Night on the guitar! I had someone record it, so I've posted the link below.

My old buddies and roommates from the MTC--
Elder's Westlund, Anderson, and Larson
We got to hang out together at the mission Christmas party!


For the past few weeks, we have been meeting with a few of the local high school seniors for a Preach My Gospel Study. They said they've just started doing it, and that they would love to have us come join in. It's an awesome experience, being able to help them become better teachers and helping them progress towards their missions! I am really impressed with how dedicated they are, having these studies together weekly.

My grandma and Uncle Ryan were up in Salt Lake City this weekend for a family reunion, and I got permission from my mission president to have lunch with them! It was great to see them and visit for a bit! :)  It's kinda unusual to be able to see any family members when your on your mission.  It's just another one of the perks of serving in Utah! haha

This past Saturday, we were able to help with a HUGE service project! A member in one of our wards owns a business where he is responsible to return lost/damaged/fraud packages for FedEx. All of the packages he cant return, he is able to keep! So on Saturday, he teamed up with another guy, and they had a huge "Sub for Santa" day at his warehouse with all of the things he comes across! There is everything there from all types of clothes, shoes, toiletries, toys, books, just anything you can imagine! And he donates it all to the public. So all of the missionaries in the area came and helped out, escorting families so that they could get everything they needed! It was a blast helping out :)

So something really amazing happened this week, but a little background first... a few months ago, we got a text from a ward member, saying that she had a friend (Roxanne) that was so prepared and ready to hear the missionary discussions! We were super stoked to teach her! She's from France and is currently living with a member family in one of our wards and teaching French at the local elementary school. We had an appointment scheduled one night, so we went over. But we we got there, she wouldn't come to the door. So we got a little bummed out and just dropped it. That about 2 months ago. Yesterday, we get a text from the same ward member, saying that she is REALLY ready to have the discussions, and that she wants to be baptized! And that she wants to meet with us ASAP. So we went over yesterday and had a great lesson! Golden is the only word I can think of to describe her. She has been coming to church every week for the past few months, and has been reading from the Book of Mormon! She has also been praying and she said she prayed and got her answer, and that she wants to get baptized! So she is on date to get baptized January 2nd, 2014!! We are meeting with her again this Wednesday :) But this is really cool thing about this whole thing... I know for a fact that my companion, Elder Souday, was put in this area at this specific time. His native language is French!! So a few times throughout the lesson, when she was having a hard time understanding some words (She has only been speaking English for less than a year), Elder Souday was easily able to explain it to her in French, and she understood completely! The Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways. What an experience to be a part of.

James is doing well and is still on date for January 1st, 2014! Keep him in your prayers! :)

We met with the 10 year old girl, Autumn again yesterday! She is doing great! Maybe has a hard time retaining everything we teach, but thats normal! We are going to Temple Square for a private tour this Saturday! :)

We went down to the Conference Center in Salt Lake City yesterday morning for "The Spoken Word", which is the concert that MoTab puts on during Christmas time. Great concert and time! :)

Enjoying the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with
one of my favorite families--The Darlings!

During District Meeting this week, our Zone Leader shared an awesome tradition that his family does for Christmas. They all have their stockings hung on the fireplace, and then they have 1 extra stocking. It's completely white and is a stocking for Jesus Christ. They all write something down on a piece of paper--something that they want to give him this year for Christmas. Then they put it in and strive their best to give him that this next year. I thought that was such a cool thing. What are you willing to give Christ this year? 

Ok sorry for such the long email!! So many amazing things are happening out here and it's such a blessing to be a part.  I am truly blessed by the Lord in His great Work. Please keep Roxanne, James, and Autumn in your payers!

Love you all! Hope you have fantastic week!! :)

Much Love,
Elder Carroll

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