Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 20 To be transferred or NOT to be transferred??

Hi everyone!

November has come and gone.. I've said it once, but i'll say it again.. time flies when you're doing something you love!
With this last week being Thanksgiving, we were fortunate enough to have amazing members invite us to 4 dinners! We only ended up making 3 of them, but we got fed quite well haha I think I gained another 5lbs on that day alone! I'm pushing a total gain in the past 5 months of 25bs, I'm loving it!! :)

Saturday night we went with one of the great families in one of our wards to see the lights at Temple Square! My first time there during Christmas time! Soooo many people. They said it's crazy like that until New Years, especially on Monday nights haha. We had a great time and the weather was perfect :) It's still chilly, but no snow yet! Actually, we were told there is supposed to be a good snow storm coming tonight! So we will see...

This past Thursday was our last District Meeting for this transfer, and our District Leader asked me if i would play piano and sing for it! One of the sister missionaries (who actually goes home tomorrow) was also asked to sing, so i contacted her and we decided to do it together! So we sung a sick duet of Nearer My God To Thee and it went really well! We only had like 15 min to figure out the arrangement, but she had no problem, picking out an amazing harmony :)


Speaking of singing, I was also asked to sing yesterday in Relief Society of one of our wards. They wanted a Christmas song so I quickly learned Silent Night on guitar and was able to play and sing it for their meeting :) Music carries a spirit like nothing else can bring. I love it.

We have recently starting teaching a new investigator, Nathan! We met with him about 2 weeks ago, and just again this past Friday. We actually met at the local Starbucks haha :) He is interesting. Such a great spirit. When it comes to doctrine, he does not believe in the need for Temples or baptism, or any saving ordinances for that matter. He believes that if we just believe in and turn to Christ, we can be saved by his grace. We had a great 3 hour talk with him at Starbucks. We are meeting with him again, same time/place this Friday!
So transfers are here once again.. My companion, Elder Martin, will be going home. It has been a pleasure serving with him and I will miss him a lot! He is a great missionary.

As for my new companion..I have the blessing and opportunity of training again! His name is Elder Souday and he is from French Polynesia! I will meet him tomorrow and give more info next week!
I thought my address was gonna change with this transfer, but that remains to be seen! I will send an email out tomorrow with my new (or same) address if they decide to move us houses.
After this transfer, I will have been in my first area for 6 months. Crazy! I love it here and hope they keep me here for another 6! I love the members and people we are teaching here. I am so grateful for this opportunity i have to serve here in Utah. My experience thus far has been amazing and i wouldn't trade it for anything. I love the Lord and i love this Gospel.
Thank you everyone, for the support you have shown me! It means so much! Thank you for the emails and letters. I hope you all have a fantastic week, you are always in my prayers!
Stay safe, stay busy. Till next week!
Much love,
Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week:  Luke 1:37- "For with God nothing shall be impossible."

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