Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 44 - Fa'afafine is on date!!!!

Hiwa (A priest from one of our wards), Clyde, and Elder Carroll


We have received transfer info today, and I will be moving areas! I am sad to leave North Salt Lake, I have met some amazing people here that I know I'll be friends with for a long time. I have been asked to serve as a District Leader in Bountiful. Although feeling a little inadequate, I am excited to strive to magnify my calling as a missionary more than ever during this transfer! I know with the help of the Lord, great and amazing things will happen. (Alma 26:12)

The Lord has been merciful to us and has blessed us with many, many people to be working with ending this week! I am excited for Elder Boyles and his new companion (a great Elder who I have served around) to carry on the great work in this area.

First off, Alika is on date for June 21st!! We had a great lesson with him this week and had the opportunity to ask him if he received an answer to his prayers about the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. He said he did! And also that he knows it's true and that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet!! We have yet to review the Chastity lesson.... so we will see how it goes! :)

Other thank Alika, 2 others we are working with are also on date for baptism! One of them is a man named Kevin, who has been around the Church his whole life and has now decided he needs to be baptized. So he is on date for June 14th. We are just going through the basic lessons with him.

The other one on date is an awesome guy named Clyde. I'm not sure if I've mentioned him before, but he is about 50 and has been going to church with his LDS wife for the past 3 years, hardly missing any meetings. He has told past missionaries that he would never be baptized! But recently he has told us that he wants to!! He wants to be baptized in a river, in Montana! Unfortunately we will not be able attend the baptismal service, but we are super excited for him! He is planning on July 8th.

Joe is doing great also, and has had a change of heart! He says he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that, "it's not just another ordinary book"! He says he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet! We excited to baptismal invitation for him to prepare himself to be baptized on June 14th. He said he would like to talk to his wife first, and that he will get back to us :) He's gonna get baptized!! He has so much support from his wife's family, it's awesome.

Although I am leaving the area, I will be allowed to come back and attend the baptisms :)

This past week, we have been able to simply read the Book of Mormon with a few Investigators/Less-Actives. We probably read 1 Nephi Chapter 1 like 4 times haha. I love the scriptures. They bring such peace, and wisdom. My invitation to you, is to take time out of your busy day (if you're not already) to study and ponder the scriptures that our Loving Heavenly Father has provided us with. And if you are already, keep up the god work! I promise the Lord will bless you. I promise you can come closer to Jesus Christ by reading the Book of Mormon. That's what it's for. To convince the world that Jesus is the Christ. I love it.

I know this Gospel was truly restored by God and Jesus Christ themselves. It is such a blessing to me. It brings true happiness. That's what the Gospel does. It helps bring maximum happiness into our lives.

That's it for this week! I love you all, and hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you may be! :)

Much Love,
~Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week: D&C 121:34 - "Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen.."

PSS - I will send my new mailing address asap!

Elder Burt!! One of the best Elders I've served around!

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