Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 36: More Weddings!

Great news! Sam and Rhonda were married this past Saturday! It was very small, but an awesome experience :) Elder Boyles and I had the great privilege of being asked to be the witnesses! I am so excited to be able to go with them in a year, to see them get sealed in the Temple! Sam will be baptized on April 12th! He is super excited and tells everyone he talks to! :)

Fabian and Shaynell are doing good. They will be married this Saturday, March 29th! They have been doing good with the Word of Wisdom, and are planning on being baptized on April 12th also! :)

We are working with a handful of other people, who are progressing slowly but surely. 2 of them would be baptized tomorrow if they could. But due to some legal problems involving marriage and divorce, their baptized will have to be postponed until further notice. Which is ok :) We are working with them regularly! :)

Please keep Sam, Fabian, and Shaynell in your prayers! :)

Yesterday, we were able to teach our stakes Mission Prep class! It was a lot of fun! It's amazing to see how I was, only 8 short months ago. It makes me truly appreciate the knowledge God has blessed me with. The kids are awesome, and have lot's of great questions. We role played the Message of the Restoration, or the Joseph Smith story.. I get the chills every single time I hear it, especially while teaching it. This Gospel is truly amazing, and TRUE.

For the past week or so, I have been recording every single time I have a spiritual experience, or feel the Spirit... I am so surprised (and i guess i shouldn't be) at how often i feel Spirit strongly. The mission is such a blessing. Being able to feel the Spirit as often as i do, being able to experience miracles almost daily.. It is truly a privilege to be serving, especially at this specific time on the Earth, and especially in the Salt Lake City mission. 

I know this church is God's Kingdom here on Earth. I know it because I can feel it. In my bones.. and i can't deny it. The Book of Mormon is truly the word of our loving Heavenly Father, and if we "abide by it's precepts" we can come to a closer relationship with God, and with Christ. We can be happy. That's all the Gospel does. It makes us happy. 

Please do not hesitate to share this happiness! Share your testimony often! :) (D&C 62:3)

Thanks to everyone for the emails and letters, I love them! :) Hope this week for you is a wonderful one! You are in my prayers, please stay busy and stay safe! 

Much Love,
~Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week - Luke 22:32 "..When thou art convertedstrengthen thy brethren."

"I've gained a few pounds!"

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