Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 33: I'm in North Salt Lake!

Sisters Tranchina, Fernandez, myself 
and Elder Souday. (Best District ever!)

Hey all!

The first week in my new area has been an interesting one! My companion is Elder Boyles (from Portland, not Washington!). We were in the same district last transfer, so we already knew each other and get along really well! He's a great missionary. Been out about 4 months!

My new companion, Elder Boyles from Oregon

So about the area... we cover 8 wards (1 stake),1 of them being the Samoan ward :) Because the Samoan ward boundaries are so big, our area covers all of Noth Salt Lake, Bountiful, and a town just north, called Centerville! We are currently teaching 12 people and 3 of them are on date for baptism! We actually had a convert baptism in the Samoan ward this past Saturday! They had a group there called "The Divine Heritage Choir".. a group of Polynesians.. all with voices of angels.. It was an amazing baptism and such a great spirit that came from it :) I've said it once, but i'll say it again.. music can bring the Spirit like nothing else can. I finally now understand what it means to have a "burning in your bosom". What an amazing feeling.

(Elder Carroll did not record this.  We found it on Youtube)

Ok so on to the investigators.. I love them! Most of them have quite a ways to go, but we are working with them constantly! One of them is named Fabian, and he is a recovering Crystal Meth addict.. he is awesome and wants to be baptized so bad! Just a few problems.. he needs to quit smoking and also get married to his girlfriend who he is currently living with. It's a working process. His girlfriend Shaynell also wants to be baptized!

We had a lesson with a lady named Ellen this week.. She's kind of.. crazy. Her life is a mess and I feel like we're just her therapist.. she comes to church most every week and is progressing.. but she also needs to get married to her Less-Active boyfriend she is living with.

Another person we are working with is named Sam. He know's the church is true and is set on date for baptism March 29th. One problem... he needs to get married to his lady friend he is living with... he also comes to church almost every week and is progressing :)

We're working with a few others, but please keep Fabian, Ellen, and Sam in your prayers! :)

So get this!! Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve will be coming to speak to our mission tomorrow!!!!! We just found out a few days ago! Super stoked :)

Something Ellen said this past week really stood out to me.. She said, "Not everyone gets to be a missionary." And how true that is... it has made me realize that I truly must internalize this experience. Time is flying by! 

We had the opportunity to go to 3 sacrament meetings yesterday, and bear our testimonies in each of them. Serving here in SLC has truly been a blessing. I never thought I would love sacrament meeting so much :)

We went tracting this week, because one of our wards covers a new huge apartment complex, and nobody hardly knows who lives there!  So we tracted 1 of the 4 buildings in the complex.  Although mostly rejected, we had an amazing experience!  We met a less-active lady who invited us back to teach one of her non-member friends! Good things happen when you work :) We set a goal before we started, to get rejected 20 times...guess what, we reached our goal! haha  Trust me, that is the best way when knocking doors.

Thanks to everyone for the emails and letters! I love hearing what's going on in your lives :) Hope you have amazing weeks, may the Lord be with you :) Stay busy and stay safe :)

Much Love,
Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week:  John 8:31-32 -"If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

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