Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 17 Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it!

Hi everyone!

Guess what i just found out!!!!!! We have had a "Mission Meeting" scheduled for the past 2 weeks and today we just found out the Apostle David A. Bednar will be coming to speak to us!!!!!!!!! So crazy. One of the many perks of being called to Utah ;)

This week has been an amazing one. Amazing doesn't even describe it. 

So the other night, Elder Martin and I were informed that some friends of my family (The Tingey's) own a house in Bountiful, (about 10 min south of us) and are renting out the top floor to someone who is really interested in the Church. We contacted the Tingey's and they invited us to come meet her this past Saturday. Her name is Lindsey, and she is what we call a "Golden Investigator". She is currently going through a divorce and has 2 small children. She has been going through a lot recently and had actually ran into a Bishop in Kaysville, in the elevator while she was leaving a therapy session. They talked for 3 hours out by their cars and he introduced the Gospel to her. He gave her a Book of Mormon (actually a quad) with her name imprinted on it. Soon after, she found out that the Tingey's were renting out part of their place. She told us that all these events lead her up to where she is now. She told us, and i quote "I'm missing something in my life.. And you guy's have it. And i want it." I was able to explain to her that she could have it. She said she could just feel it within the Bishop she had met, and within the Tingey's. After a great lesson first lesson, I was able ask her if she would like to follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized. She is getting baptized in 2 weeks, November 23rd.

This experience was such an amazing testimony builder for me. The Lord prepares people. We never know who is ready of willing to accept the truths taught in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not to judge who is and who isn't willing to accept the Gospel. We must be willing to share it with all men.

We have started teaching a 10 year old girl name Autumn, as of yesterday!  Her father is less-active in the Church, but really wants to straighten out his life. So he invited us to teach his daughter. We had a great first lesson last night and had an amazing spiritual experience with both of them. We invited her to be baptized, but her father wants to talk to his wife first (they are separated, but not divorced yet). Will keep you updated.

We were able to speak in one of our wards sacrament meeting yesterday. I love being able to speak on "Hastening the Work of Salvation". It gets the ward members all pumped and they always come up to us with referrals after the meeting!

So get this.. The other night, I ran into a very closely related relative! Her name is Jeanette Esplin Hugh, and she is half-cousins with my Grandpa Charlie and my dad's side! (Half cousins meaning their mom's were half-sisters) She went to school with Grandpa Charlie and had lots of stories to tell about him! He seemed like an amazing man. She said all the girls loved him and that he was a real charmer! haha. So her mom's name is Amy Heaton and Charlies mom's name is Elsie Heaton. Crazy huh! She brought out this huge book, "The History of the Carroll Family" and let me borrow it! It was so awesome to hear her talk about all of my family. She asked specifically about Uncle Clarence, but i told her i didn't know him too well. It is so awesome to make these connections.

We are still meeting with James, Carrie, Reese, Ireland, and Chris regularly. Please pray for them and also for Lindsey.

love this Gospel. I know this is the true and living Church of Jesus Christ. What an amazing blessing it is to be a part of such a marvelous Work. These past 4 months have blessed my life eternally and how grateful I am to be able to serve the Lord in His Work. I absolutely love it. 

Thank you everyone who has been keeping in contact via emails/letters, it means so much! I love you all and i hope you are having as much of an amazing time as i am up here! Stay safe, you're in my prayers!

Till next week!

-Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week:  Jacob 6:12 - "O be wise; What can i say more?"

P.S.- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIQUE! :) The big 16!

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