Saturday, July 20, 2013

First letter from MTC!

Dear Mom & Dad (and everyone),

Well, it's true what they say...the MTC has a great and unique spirit that I don't think can be found anywhere else.  As we all arrived yesterday, we jumped straight into class.  My teacher is from South Africa and served his mission in Ogden, Utah.  After his mission, he loved it so much, he moved back here 6 months later.  He attends BYU, while teaching here at the MTC.

I have a very unique companion.  He was born with a heart condition (I don't know what condition exactly), and has to take medicine constantly.  He also (I think) has slight autism or ADHD or something like that.  The best way to describe him is like Uncle Ryan.  Always laughing at his own jokes before he tells them and laughing uncontrollably.  Maybe a bit odd, but I love him to death.  He's bad outside of class and at other places, but as soon as we are in class, he is quiet and attentive.  He invites the spirit and is actually really smart.  I'm grateful for all the years Uncle Ryan spent time with me and taught me to love unconditionally.  I feel blessed to be Elder Westlund's companion and to be able to help him.

The rest of the guys in my district (basically the guys who I share a room with and have the same schedule as me) are awesome!  There are 6 of us total and we are all going to serve in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission.  We all get along perfectly and I can feel a great spirit when we are together.  I love it here!  Although, I find myself tired during classes, there is no where else I'd rather be.  The Church is true and I already can't wait to get out into the field.  Hope all is well at home.  I'm praying for you all :)


Elder Carroll


July 19, 2013
Hey Mom!
I sent a letter in the mail yesterday, so I'm not gonna write much on this email! Everything is going great, and I just got asked to serve as the District Leader for my district! I'm over 5 other elders and 4 sisters. Basically what that means, is that i preside at every meeting and class we have, and I get to collect the mail every day for all of the missionaries in my district. Let me know if you don’t get my letter in the next few days, but it should be there today or tomorrow! Hope everything is good at home! If you could, have Brother Ritchey email me! Mckenzie will know how to get ahold of him. The MTC is awesome, and the spirit is strong here. My P-days while I'm here is on Friday's, so that’s why I'm writing today!

Much love,

Elder Carroll

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