Monday, February 23, 2015



We're in the office late tonight, so just shooting you an email to let you know I won't be able to email tomorrow.  We're attending the Jordan River Temple tomorrow morning (@ 7am) with President Hansen and all the missionaries that will be departing soon.   We're going out to lunch with them and then we're gonna be at President Hansen's house till evening, meeting with a recently called Mission President to give him some pointers and whatnot for when he gets in the field.

Things are going great! With transfers and Zone Conferences starting Tuesday the 24th through Friday the 27th (8am-4pm daily), we have been in the office or at President's house almost every night this past week till 12 or 1-2am.  So you could say I'm getting little less than normal sleep hours, but I love it!  Being able to be around President Hansen so much is such a blessing--working the transfer board, training and whatnot.

I'm currently serving with Elders Steed (Canada) and Tapia (Florida). Transfers are March 10th, and Elder Tapia will be leaving us then.  They are two of the best Elders I've served with.
Stay busy, stay close to the Lord, He'll bless you!
Elder Carroll

My favorite quote this week: "We are covenant keepers!" -President Hansen

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