Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 38: Elder Carroll has some great advice!

Hey guys!

This week was once again a great one! Although a few up's and downs, it ended great with us having the opportunity to attend 3 of the General Conference sessions at the Conference Center! We were able to take 2 Investigators and a recent Convert!

This General Conference was an amazing one to say the least. It is truly amazing to be in the same room as so many of God's Apostles and Prophets. When President Monson walks in the room, the conference center goes quiet and everyone stands up. During the Saturday 2pm session, the Spirit was especially strong when this happened. I love the Spirit. I am so grateful for God letting me feel the Spirit as often as I do. My journal is speedily filling up with times when I feel the Spirit.

I've got to get my notes together so I can give a better synopsis of them for next week's email, but I have do have one thing I'd like to write about today... One of the topics that was brought up in the Saturday afternoon session, was "testing the Word". Gaining a testimony for ourselves is essential. It is a building block. As we build our foundation upon Christ, our testimony is strengthened. If you do not have a testimony that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet or that the Book of Mormon is true, I invite you to test the word. It might not all come at once, but I can promise you that our loving Heavenly Father will answer your prayer, so that you too may know the truth of His word. This Gospel is amazing and only brings joy happiness!

Elder Ballard quoted my favorite scripture:

D&C 62:3 - "Nevertheless, ye are blessed. For the testimony which you have borne is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon. And they rejoice over you, and your sins are forgiven you."

My invitation to you is to follow this scripture and "When thou art converted, strengthen [your] brethren."

For the past month or so, we have been working with a less-active member named Mike. He is an awesome guy and has a big heart. We have gotten really close to him. He works on Sunday's and is not able to attend church. But we meet with him often and have great lessons. He has a bad problem with alcohol and tobacco. The last time we met, we had a discussion on the Word of Wisdom (God's health code for his children). He has beer bottles and hookah pipes laying all around his trailer. After discussing the commandment and blessings that come with obeying it, Mike agreed to give up tobacco first. This is a HUGE step for him. As he gathered up his tobacco and hookah stuff, he kept saying how hard this was for him, but nonetheless he continued to gather is up and gave it all to us. I am so proud of Mike. It is amazing what sincere love you can feel for someone who you have barely known for only a month. I love Mike and am going to do everything in my power to help him.

Fabian and Shaynell have unfortunately fell off date, because of lack of church commitment. We are going to meet with them this week, and see if they are still interested.

Sam is solid and still on date for this Saturday, super stoked for him! :)

Being on my mission, and being able to see how much prayer can have an impact on myself, is truly amazing. Not only personal prayer, but companionship prayer. Having companionship prayer brings my companion and myself closer together. It builds unity. If you are currently not having companionship prayer with your companion (spouse), I plead with you to do so. I can promise you that it will bring you closer together, and closer to Christ.

I know this Church is TRUE and I LOVE it! 

Hope you are having an amazing time back home, as I am here. Stay close to the Lord and He will bless you. Love you all, Stay busy and stay safe!! :)

Much Love,
~Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week! D&C 4:3 - "Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work;"

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