Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 8 Time is flying by!

Hey guys!

Week 8 has come and gone! The days are long, but the weeks are short. Seriously cant believe its already been 2 months since I've left! Thanks everyone who has been sending letters and emails, it makes my week to hear how you guys are doing!
We had a mission conference this week with President and Sister Hansen! They talked about our Mission Vision and Goals! Our goal as a mission is to help baptize 750 before the year is up! The work is truly hastening!

We have been meeting with Chris Pratt weekly(the guy who did pottery with us!) and he has recently brought up having a weekly scripture study with some of the families in the neighborhood! One of them being the Stake President! Chris is a great guy and has shown interest in learning more. 

We were not able to meet with James this past week, but only because he was attending a wedding of a friend! He is always willing to meet when available and I'm not worried at all about him! He has a great spirit and is progressing towards baptism :)

We have started teaching a less active woman, who hasn't been to church in years. She's almost as big a Green Day fan as I am :) haha  She's been to 6 Green Day shows! So that was a great common interest between us! She has 2 kids who are already baptized and go to church often with their grandmother. She wants us to come by every so often to teach her the discussions!

Linden and Casey are still on date for September 21st and I'm super excited for them!!

So, we've been on bikes for the past 6 weeks.. which has been good for my legs.. but it's been so hot lately! haha  Anyways, we're getting a car this week!!! So that will be nice, since our area covers 2 stakes and is somewhat large.

Elder Allen and I were able to speak in sacrament meeting in one of our wards yesterday! There was supposed to be another youth speaker, but she flaked! So Elder Allen and I had about an hour to speak between the two of us. Surprisingly, while I was speaking, I looked at the clock and I had been speaking for 35 min!! So it worked out well :) We have also been asked to speak in another ward in 2 weeks!

We were able to go to the Davis High football game again this Friday! It's such a good place for us to be. Everyone is Kaysville is there and there are no doors for them to hide behind :) We were able to receive 5 referrals while we were there! The kids are all about missionary work and love helping us out! It was a great game too :) They won 28-0!

Another blessing... one of the members in our area has his own chiropractic practice and lets us come in every P-day morning and get adjusted! I've said it once, but I'll say it again. The members here are amazing and such a blessing to us!

Everything is going great out here, I hope everything at home is the same for you guys! Keep James and Chris in your prayers :)  Hope to hear from you guys via email/letters. It really makes my week to get an update on how home is!

Till next week!
-Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week...
Moroni 7:33 
And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.

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