Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 6 An Amazing Week! (Pics Included)

Hey friends!

Much has been accomplished this week in the field! Both, Ricardo Lopez and Donell Christensen were baptized and confirmed this week!

Ricardo's baptism was an amazing experience.  Elder Allen and I were able to stand as witnesses for him. It was such a spiritual experience for Ricardo, his family, and everyone else that was there to support him.  He was confirmed yesterday, and Elder Allen and I also had the privilege of being able to stand in the circle as his father-in-law confirmed him a member of our Church. We still have a few lessons to go over with Ricardo as he is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and a temple recommend to go do baptisms at the Temple, asap!  He and his wife, Crystal are planning to get married in the Temple one year from now.  I am lucky enough to be allowed to attend no matter where I am living in the mission when the time comes!!

Donell's baptism and confirmation were both held yesterday. Again, another awesome experience!  She had so much support from family, friends, and people in the ward.  There were so many people that they had to move the service from the Relief Society room, to the chapel to make space!  It was awesome!!  Elder Allen and I both were able to stand as witnesses for Donell's baptism, as well as stand in the circle for her confirmation that followed shortly after thereafter. They too, are looking to be married in the temple one year from now!

GOOD NEWS!!  James has recently contacted us again and said he wanted to meet once more.  We had a great lesson and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is still undecided for baptism but says he is praying about it to find out when it should happen.

We were not able to meet with Linden and Casey (the two little girls) this past week, but we are scheduled to meet with them tomorrow!

Last P-day we were invited by a non-member named Chris Pratt, to do some clay tossing! It was awesome and so much fun!!  I made a bowl and he said the next chance he gets, he will fire it so I can take it home :)  Chris is married to an active member and goes to church almost every week. He lives the Gospel standards, but he just isn't baptized yet!  He has known about the church for many years and I think has just put it off. His children are also active. I will keep you updated on Chris! We are planning on going over again tonight to finish up our clay makings.

So the other night at a dinner appointment, we ate with the Carroll family!  Turns out, we are related about 3 or 4 generations back!  They don't know any family in Arizona, but they are super nice and such a great family-- Just like all Carroll families I guess :)  They actually have a daughter serving a mission in Gilbert, AZ!  Her name is Sister Whitney Carroll.  She is living on Power and Guadalupe!  Kinda funny…Two Carroll missionaries just switched places :)

Yesterday I attended Primary for the first time in almost 8 years!  I forgot how fun it was! :)  The kids are awesome and carry such an amazing Spirit :)  We were able to give a short lesson and play "Hide the Missionary".  They usually do sort of "hot & cold" game with singing.  They sing louder when the person is getting closer to finding the missionaries.  This time instead of using little dolls, they were able to play with real missionaries--US!! :)

We are blessed enough to have amazing members all around us. Every day, people are looking out for us and doing us huge favors.  One of the Ward Mission Leaders was kind enough to let us borrow his guitar for the baptisms we sung at and actually let us keep it at our place!  We are so grateful for him and all the other people that help us out.

Thanks so much for everyone sending letters and emails, it means so much!

Everyone is in my prayers.   I hope you guys are having an amazing time back home as I am here! I am blessed to be able to serve The Lord in his work and help bring other unto Christ. Thank you, everyone who supported me throughout the years and supported me to come out here.  You know who you are, and I am eternally grateful for you.

Until next week!!

-Elder Carroll

My favorite scripture this week:  D&C 112:34 Be faithful until I come, for I come quickly; and my reward is with me to recompense every man according as his work shall be. I am Alpha and Omega. Amen.

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